Plain & Simple: You Deserve Control
If you can free up the time and energy you’re spending bouncing from diet to diet, you’ll be shocked by how simple it really is to get the body you’re working towards.

Don’t believe me?

Are you sold on the notion that to look your very best you have to steer clear of delicious foods and live & breathe the gym 365?

Not only can you eat the foods you love while maintaining a healthy body fat but your training regime doesn’t have to amount to living part-time at your local gym.

If you’re anything like myself and have struggled with finding a long term diet that you can adhere to, you’re going to like where this is going.

Fads, extremes, detoxes – these are an easy sell for companies, trainers, and coaches.  “Lose 10bs in a week” , “The Last Ab Workout you’ll ever Need” ,  and my personal favorite: “Tone your Tummy without Calorie Counting”

Not only are headlines like these plastered as click-bait across all forms of media, but they are the reason we as a culture find playing the long game so dissatisfying.

Would you rather:

-lose 10lbs in the next 2 months only to gain 13lbs back in the 6 months to follow


-lose 10lbs in the next 4 months with only minor 1-2lb weight fluctations the rest of the year

Logically, we all know the answer and that’s we’d rather lose 10lbs this week without counting a fucking calorie. But let’s be honest, not only would that be very unlikely to pan out, but it would lead us to rebound hard after the scale reads our precious ‘goal weight’.

The truth: for a diet to work long term, it has to be one in which we can stick to.

That’s where I come in.

My mission is simple. , I want to help you take control of your body composition by helping you learn the most sustainable approach to dieting and training.

I want to help you become the fittest and strongest version of yourself possible – not just the skinniest.

Believe it or not, achieving your dream body is just the the tip of the iceberg . I want to help you feel comfortable in your skin today. There’s no reason why you should live your life hating what you see in the mirror. My goal is to teach you how to lose body fat and build muscle while truly loving the process.

This is NOT a quick-fix and if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m probably not the coach for you. If you’re tired of fad diets, extreme protocols and are ready to start working on your long play to the best version of yourself, let’s start right now.

Email me at info@coryfit.com and let’s get you working towards the best you possible.

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